Monday morning got you searching for something a bit different for breakfast? Breakfast muffins are a scrumptious way to breakfast and as a bonus, they’re super easy to grab and go!

Satisfy every breakfast craving – whether you like a breakfast with a hint of sweetness, or jam packed with savoury bits and pieces. Bake up a fresh batch of steaming breakfast muffins when you’ve got a bit of spare time on the weekends, and have breakfast prepared for a whole week! 

Savoury or sweet breakfasts Some of us love to start the morning on a sweet note, while others are adamant that breakfast should be savoury only. Whatever your morning meal preference there’s a breakfast muffin recipe for you.

Sweet tooths can get a bit fruity with these yummy Orange Surprise Muffins that taste great with a dollop of fresh yoghurt. Scrumptious sticky date muffins are made extra sweet with a caramel hit in this Caramel Sticky Date Muffin recipe or for an extra indulgent breakfast; whip up a batch of Chocolate and Hazelnut French Toast, topped with smooth melted chocolate and fresh berries.

If a savoury breakfast is more your thing, why not give our Oat Bran breakfast muffins recipe a whirl or get your morning coffee hit with a mouth-watering Coffee Breakfast Muffin.

Breakfast muffins are perfect for sharing

The beauty of pulling a freshly baked, steaming batch of breakfast muffins out of the oven? You can share the love. A big batch of scrumptious muffins is perfect for sharing, so gather the family around for a delightful morning together over a platter of your yummy home baked goodies.

Moist muffins are the best muffins

The secret behind that perfect breakfast muffin that simply melts in the mouth and bursts with flavour is simple: keep it moist. A mouthful of dry, bland muffin won’t go down well with the family so get familiar with these tips and tricks to keeping your breakfast muffins mouth-wateringly moist.

Firstly, use the right amount of moistening ingredients. Our Breakfast Muffins recipes are tried and tested and we promise they’ll come out delicious and moist. You also want to ensure that you don’t overcook your muffins. Keep your eyes on your muffins, and set a timer on the oven so that you never overcook your tasty breakfast muffins. Use a skewer to poke the muffins periodically to check for moistness, too.