Nestlé, Australia, and Sweetened Condensed Milk—A Match Made in Heaven

In 1911, Nestlé opened the world’s largest sweetened condensed milk cannery in Victoria, and ever since, Nestlé sweetened condensed milk has been an Aussie staple. We love it so much that in 2011 we published a whole book about it to mark the centenary of our factory: 100 Years of Sweet Baking Memories: A Collection of Australia’s Favourite Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipes. Many of the recipes in the book are available on the Bakers’ Corner.

Sweetened condensed milk is quite possibly the most versatile dessert ingredient out there. You’ll find it in recipes for cakes, cookies, tarts, slices, pies, puddings, and pretty much any set of sweet treats under the sun. Nestlé Bakers’ Corner is chock full of sweetened condensed milk recipes for every occasion—and the best part? Nestlé sweetened condensed milk is made from 100% Australian fresh milk, so you’re helping your local economy and baking tasty treats all at the same time!